how to increase response rate online dating

7 tips to increase your response rate

Posted by admin on November 19, 2015

After you joined the online dating scene, you will find that you just get few responses to the emails or winks that you send out. You may be wondering why this happens and how to improve your response rate. Am I doing something wrong? Don't worry, we will do some researches and give some tips in following post.. Read More »
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10 tips on how to make a good first impression on the first date

Posted by admin on November 06, 2015

There's a reason why you should want to make a good first impression. You attract what you put out. If you a seeking a classy professional man/ woman, present yourself as such. When you are out with someone it is rude to leave their side and wonder off on your own. Gentleman there is nothing wrong with picking up the tab on the first date.. Read More »
break ice for mature dating

5 tips for breaking the ice when dating on mature singles' sites

Posted by admin on October 27, 2015

You have signed up on some mature dating websites, and then ready to start the exciting dating journey. But you find that it's hard to make the first step to say hi to strangers even online. For most of us, it's always a challenge to make the initial conversation. The first contact with someone online is usually the hardest, especially when you are new to the online dating scene. Read More »
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Start your mature dating from joining the RIGHT sites

Posted by admin on October 21, 2015

Looking for partners through online mature dating sites is becoming increasingly prevalent for over 50s mature singles, the trend also claims the industry's attention, more and more online dating matchmaker companies realize that how big this dating market... Read More »

advantages of mature sites and apps

The advantage of using online mature dating websites and apps

Posted by admin on October 12, 2015

According to statistics, mature dating is the biggest segment of online dating, with over 50 million users from across the globe. It has been observed that 40+ singles no longer wish to live a life of solitude and don’t mind taking help of any online resources to realize their dreams... Read More »
mature dating for over 50s

Does Mature Dating Work for Over 50s and 60s, even 70's singles?

Posted by admin on September 18, 2015

You are never too old for love. It is always such a great feeling when you know you can share your life with someone who promise to be with you forever. If you are looking for opportunities of mature dating for over 50s singles or even if you are over 60 and beyond, you will be happy to know that you can find a mature dating service that you can find online. Read More »
5 reasons for using mature dating sites

5 Reasons a Mature Dating Website or app Can Help You Find Your Perfect Match

Posted by admin on September 10, 2015

There are over 7 billion people all over the world and among those are millions of mature singles looking for love. If you think you are beginning to become older and older by the day and you feel like it might just be too late to find the person who is meant for you, think again. You can now have the chance to meet so many new people who you can be friends with or date with in a mature dating site. Read More »
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Tips for mature singles to create attractive profile on dating site or app

Posted by admin on August 31, 2015

First impressions last, and this holds true on the Internet. When creating a profile on dating websites or apps, singles must keep in mind that the profile is the first thing that potential dates see. Creating an attractive profile is the first step to finding a special someone, as well as new friends... Read More »