5 tips for breaking the ice when dating on mature singles' sites

break the iceYou have signed up on some mature dating websites, and then ready to start the exciting dating journey. But you find that it's hard to make the first step to say hi to strangers even online. For most of us, it's always a challenge to make the initial conversation. The first contact with someone online is usually the hardest, especially when you are new to the online dating scene. But remember we are all here because we want to meet someone special. Here some tips for mature singles to take the first move on mature dating.

1. Comment on her/his profile or photos

Most of mature dating sites allow you to comment on others' profiles and photos. Before chatting or sending emails, this is a great way to break the ice by giving positive comments on funny photos or interesting items on profiles. Please don't be rude or crude, negative comments won't earn you any points, be respectful. Before leave comments, you should seriously read the profiles, find the useful information for your post.

2. Send winks/flirts to the people you like.

Many sites provide features that let you break the ice. Sending a free wink or flirt is a quick, fun way to let someone know you're interested. Although the winks and flirts are formatted text or emoticons, it's better than keeping silence and doing nothing. If the people you winked also show the interest and reply to you, you may consider to choose a better way for communication, like emails or phone call.

3. Send emails with simple introduction or something else.

If you are not really good at writing to others, it’s ok just write a brief introduction and take something from their profile and comment about it. Even if it is as simple as, "Hey, I see you like kung fu movies, I think they are awesome too! What’s your favorite one?" Check the profiles and find something you can start the communication. When introducing yourself, be direct & forward. Try not to be shy and shake all fears of rejection. A bit humor in your writing would be great in your emails. For example, if you find someone said on profile ?"I don't like rude or arrogant people" A humorous response could be, "I know you don't like rude or arrogant people but I'm a lawyer and I hope you won’t hold it against me". This kind of emails will make people more comfortable and will to respond to you.

4. Ask questions and give the person something interesting to respond on the phone call.

You don’t know what to say on the phone? It’s simple, just like you talk in the emails, find something common as the topics. Don’t talk too much about yourself, ask questions and let the partners share their stories. For example, to know more about him/her, you can ask ?"What do you like to do?”, when he/she is talking, be sure to actually listen to the other person, and respond appropriately. By allowing the other person to talk about what they like, you show yourself to be a positive, engaging person who is genuinely interested in others.

5.Be yourself - sincere and honest

Whenever you are writing or calling your potential partners, or meeting them face to face on the first date, you should always be yourself. Using sincerity successfully relies on you being comfortable with yourself, and on you being able to be who you really are. It is about doing what you want to do, both with partner and in your life.

If you are able to show sincere interest in other people, they usually respond favorably because you have made them feel more important. But if the interest you show is not perceived as sincere, they will feel like you are just being patronizing or condescending. So being sincere in your manner is really the key to showing interest. The problem is that it is hard to be sincere when you are not a sincere person. Sincerity comes from caring about your fellow human being as you would yourself.

There are many strategies and techniques for improving your communication with others. But your effectiveness with other people is more largely determined by your sincere interest in them. You will gain the respect and cooperation of other people by first giving of yourself with your sincerity, attention, compassion, empathy, and interest.

Verdict: The initial contact should be open, honest, respectful and a bit humorous to get the maximum response. After a reply from your intended, ITS ALL UP TO YOU! So just be yourself and good luck.